1. $4,000,000.00 settlement for infection and sepsis caused by defective needle (co-counsel)

  2. $3,200,000.00 settlement for wrongful death caused by automobile accident

  3. $1,859,300.00 verdict ($2,200,000.00 with interest) for partial hearing loss caused by  defective garage alarm (published decision)

  4. $900,000.00 settlement for wrongful death caused by fire ignited by defective heater (co-counsel)

  5. $775,000.00 for wrongful death for wrongful death caused by defective light bulb

  6. $575,000.00 settlement during trial for failure to timely diagnose breast cancer

  7. $535,000.00 settlement for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome caused by improperly performed foot surgery

  8. 487,500.00 settlement for complications following angioplasty

  9. $450,000.00 settlement for fractured leg caused by slip and fall on ice

  10. $300,000.00 verdict for woman where Vytorin cholesterol medication led to myopathy in her leg (published decision)

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